Monday, July 13, 2009

Avanti Bails on SpaceX

So basically Avanti didn't have the sack to stick with the cheaper ride option, having to raise 68 million to go with Soyuz or Araine. From a biz perspective, I can actually appreciate that. Falcon 9 hasn't done anything yet, and Falcon 1's track record isn't stellar. One can hope that Falcon 1 lessons were applied to Falcon 9, and that its launch will be just fine the first time. But when you've got millions, if not billions of revenue potential riding on the launch of your satellite, hoping isn't good enough.

Now, when SpaceX does show everyone they're ready (and they will), they will destroy the competition. Come on...68 fraggin million extra to ride a different rocket? You know there will be plenty of business for SpaceX once they're fully online, and the other people will be shaking in their boots. :)

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