Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zero-G Wedding


So a couple has decided to tie the knot in Zero-G. Not space, which is what they really want, but on the Vomit Comet of the Zero-G Corporation. Okay, so they get 30 to 45 seconds to do the wedding, kind of a time crunch and not a lot of room for vows, but hey, they're FLOATING!

It'll be like the quick quick version of a wedding in Spaceballs. "Do you? Yes. Do you? Yes. Good, kiss her." lol.

I hope this gets some good pub in the news. It's great PR and if they talk about actual weddings in space, some people might try to use the ISS for that platform. If they allow gamer tourists to hang out on the ISS for a week, they could easily allow a wedding to happen.

Once the ball gets rolling with stuff like this, people will start to see the market open for space related ventures. All it takes is a few "crazy people" to do stuff like this to start others thinking about it too. Good for them. I can't wait to see the video.

Bigelow could seize this opportunity too. He could launch an Orbiting Wedding Chapel, work with SpaceX or Virgin Galactic to get people there, have the wedding and come home. lol. Sweet.

Of course, this has to lead to the discussion of sex in space. I mean, when is NASA or any organization going to seriously study the implications of human sexuality in space, especially when it comes to long duration missions that last 3+ years. What, we're all professionals? Keep it in your pants? Yeah right. Even the arctic expeditions ship condoms to the bases, knowing full well that you can't suppress nature.

When will they grow up and address adult issues like adults?


Its_Amazing said...

There was talks of a company wanting to do a "space porn", but nobody would let them buy the tickets to do it.

Douglas Mallette said...

Space porn will happen, and whatever company does it will make a fortune. lol.