Friday, June 19, 2009

Spaceport America Ground Breaking

Here we go! The start of something big and great for the future of private space flight. This is what it's all about, turning space from a governmental driven establishment into a private company and "every day" occurrence. I am more than thrilled to see this evolution take place in my lifetime, for I know that my daughter will be able to view the world in such a special way when she gets older.

Spaceport America will be doing its ground breaking ceremony today in New Mexico. You can go here to watch it happen live:

One thing is for certain, it's one sexy looking building, and after watching the video about the facility from the Spaceport America website, I'll most definitely be taking a family field trip to the facility once it's up and running. That promises to be an awesome visit. :)

I'm not certain if I will ever get the chance to go to space, although I will try my hardest to make it happen, but what I am confident of is that I think my daughter will. She's only 5 now, and I can easily see her being the generation that turns space into a thriving and new permanent frontier for ALL of mankind, not just a select few.

It is up to us, now, to make sure the spark turns into a raging fire. We absolutely MUST push our government to support space. We absolutely MUST push our children to embrace science and technology. We absolutely MUST use space as a way to bring mankind together, for a greater purpose. There is no question that space is limitless, as we humans see it, and Spaceport America serves as the springboard to the vast ocean of stars above. I can't wait to swim in that ocean.


11th_Dimension said...

Hello Douglas,
I agree with you but I'll go one step further. You may know me better on as trash_the_left , but I hardly post their anymore. Under the name 11th_Dimension I try to think less political and more scientific. Anyway at the top of my blog I have these words:

The U.S. Constitution should be interpreted through the eyes’ of the Founding Fathers
(That means America is a sovereign nation. We should divorce ourselves from the U.N.) NASA should be placed back under the Air Force: (That’s the only way to fund a space program under limited government whereby the DOD is the only true function of a federal government.) Anything else is Marxism. I’m all for private space AND military bases on the Moon and Mars because if we don’t China will. It’s as simple as that. Also I believe there should be tax cuts for anything dealing with “private space”

Douglas Mallette said...

11th - I'll buy that! :)

Thomas Fledrich said...

Hmm, military bases on the Moon. The colonists will not be pleased. I can already imagine the "Earthlings go home" signs.

But anyway, this spaceport is a great achievement. I'm looking forward to the first SpaceShipTwo flights from there.

Douglas Mallette said...

Thomas - lol. However, if you look at history, and I mean all the way back to ancient history, you have a basic theme...

Government sets up military outpost in new land, to protect resources/territory/etc. and then the civilian people build up around that.

In America it's everywhere: New York started as Ft. Amsterdam. San Francisco started with Ft. Point. Europe is littered with military installations that served as the border guard during expansion.

The government is the one entity that can afford such things, then the private sector shows up and builds the malls. lol.

Thomas Fledrich said...

Yes Douglas, I agree with that. Even though at some places trade was more of a driving factor. Like here in St. Helena the Portuguese, the Dutch and later the British all used the island as a resupply station for their ships enroute to America (or India in the case of the British).

I can't wait to see this happening in space finally.