Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Real Men of Genius Video Posted

Okay, it's finally done. I was so pressured to make it that I finally did. lol. Thanks to Jonathan, my good voice over professional for doing the announcer bit. I'm the crappy singer, but oh well. Enjoy!!!


Stuyoung29 said...

Funny! As for those who think you're a crappy singer...I'd like to see them do better!

Douglas Mallette said...

Stu - lol. Thanks. I'm the one who thinks I'm a crappy singer. Self criticism is the best. lol

PillowNaut said...

So hilarious!! Thanks for sharing, it makes a good point. My blog also details a NASA project I am involved with, and I hear ignorant assumptions and judgments all the time from people who zero in on tiny details without understanding the complexity of the space program. Blows my mind how easily misinformation can be spread by the couch surf contingent!

Douglas Mallette said...

PillowNaut - Thanks! I have added your blog to my "Other Good Blogs" list.

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