Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lunar Concerts - Dragonforce on the Moon?

I was having a random conversation the other day with a friend and the topic turned to the various non-scientific reasons to be on the Moon. Space tourism is the one thing that typically comes up, like a hotel with restaurant that allows you to see the Earth rise while you dine on a nice juicy steak. :) But what about space entertainment?

So we painted a scenario. Wouldn't it be great to be the first band ever to play a concert from the Moon? Imagine the theatrical jumps and moves someone could make in 1/6th gravity? In my mind, a thrashing power metal concert would be quite impressive, especially since so many power metal bands have songs revolving around space and ethereal themes.

The band that comes to mind first is Dragonforce, closely followed by Nightwish and Lunatica. Yes, a concert on the Moon would be lacking in live audience members, but would be loaded with pay-per-view subscriptions to see the concert live from home. Talk about a global audience!

There is money to be made on the Moon, if we ever push ourselves to get there and make it happen before we gracefully bow out of existence. Do what you can to make it happen, get involved, and let's get Dragonforce on the Moon!!! :)


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