Monday, June 8, 2009

$670 Million cut from NASA Budget Request

Here we go! The process has just started and already the cuts have begun. I don't give a damn what their excuses are, as said in the article, "Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-W.Va.), the subcommittee's chairman, described the move as a "time-out" in the budget process..."

The only "time-out" I want to give is a permanent one to all those bastards in Congress that do nothing but give billions of dollar to failing crap ass companies and then shave large percentages off of programs that really f'ing matter. Son of a mother F...S...damn....AARRUUGGHHH!!!!!

"Following the markup, the subcommittee posted on its Web site an exhaustive list of earmarks sought by its members. According to the document, money tapped for NASA earmarks totaled close to $15 million."

What we're the fraggin earmark totals for all the bullsh** that Pelosi wanted for her stupid bird in California, or the thousands of other earmarks that were added to the first Stimulus Package that was so rapidly and stupidly rushed through Congress? Oh wait, NOW we give a crap about earmarks? Bullsh**!

"Hawes said one area on which the panel will focus is the role international cooperation plays in U.S. manned spaceflight."

The only good point I found, because that matters a lot. No one nation should foot the bill for going to the Moon or anywhere else for that matter. The task is too big and complex for it NOT to be a shared endeavor.

The Private Space Movement is now the obvious answer to all of this crap. What a way to start my Monday!


11th_Dimension said...

Douglas! I’m shocked! LOL and slapping my knees at the same time! I’m feeling your pain but I was just reading your blog heading, “…just blast me with cussing….” But alas I feel like cussing too when I think where our country is heading. Actually I agree with you.

If I had a time machine and I could go back in time and possess and control the President of my choice – it would have to be President Nixon. I would go back before Watergate was even planned. (The Nixon Administration could have won hands down without it.)

Then I would have used the bully pulpit of the President to strong arm the congress like President Reagan use to do. And go to the American people too in order to sell them on the idea of keeping those giant Saturn V rockets blasting off every other month. I would have keep those assembly lines going and the employment of those skilled engineers and space advocates on contract for years and years.

Built both a Moon and a Mars base and for less money than the ISS and shuttle program.

Just think Douglas, in an alternate universe you would be working for me building Saturn V’s instead of the Shuttle program. How I wish that was true.

Norman Copeland said...

Alternative universes created when? Who? I think its neccessary keep simple techniques and utilise truthful opportunities with balanced considered thought methodology.

This universe, this planet = men with cash capable of building heavy lifting rockets... ?

Men with enough cash to build heavy lifting rockets doing something more important than saving the human race from population boom ?

Why do you need an alternative universe if you yourself could name several men capable of saving us from madness ?

Don't they love you?

Don't they love our race?

Who are these people?

It scares me that you want to shift the answer to another universe before getting these men to account for our race on behalf of men who have the resources to do it?

What say you squire?

11th_Dimension said...

I’m a dreamer and my dreams help me to see where we have gone wrong as well as where we have been right. JFK and Nixon were right with the Apollo program; conversely Congress, Ford and Jimmy Carter were wrong and had no direction at all. Some of the smartest people who accomplished great things were dreamers. Where there is no vision, the people perish…. Proverbs 29:18

Norman I am a Star Wars fan like Douglas and I’m also a Trekkie. That being said one of my favorite TV episodes is the Guardian of Forever where a drugged McCoy jumps through a time portal and screws up the future so that Spock and Kirk have to go through to set things straight again. BTW the new Star Trek movie was great!

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history." — Santayana

The Socialists have destroyed most of Europe. It is my patriotic duty to warn others of Obama, Pelosi and Reid who will destroy America with their brand of Socialism. They have already started. Douglas you are right, “…Those bastards in Congress that do nothing but give (tax from you and me) billions of dollars to crap companies….”

Michael Griffin was right about “Apollo on Steroids” that is my dream too to get back on track instead of worthless social programs.

I have a dream...Space the Final Frontier

Thomas Fledrich said...

Maybe we need something like a globalized private space movement that is highly mobile and can rapidly shift its resources to any place on Earth. So if a host country becomes hostile towards space colonization we can just pack up and go elsewhere. We could make countries compete with each other to attract space business and the associated technical talent.

That said, I think the States is still one of the best, probably the best places to be for the private space industry. It's quite sad that most of the world cares so little about the future of life compared to other things.

But I don't mind, as long as they don't start to ban private space flight alltogether (like the Ming dissassembled their own fleet in the 15th Century), we can still make money with other ventures and invest it in space.

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts:
1) Vote the Bums out! Some of them were 'veterns' when Reagan was in office, and even before.
2)Here in the State of "Denial," our govenor ( to protect the innocent, I'll call him "Fast Eddie") is always given accolades for submitting a balanced budget. The Special interest Groups ( Public TV, Transit,etc.)then go into Panic Mode ( CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR!!!) 'cause their funding has been cut. By the time the budget hits Eddie's desk, Lo & Behold, the cuts have been restored. Sounds like deja vu all over again( See thought #1)