Monday, May 11, 2009

STS125 (Atlantis), Private Space and Star Trek

Today was a pretty exciting day. Well, anytime we have a launch it's exciting, perks of being on the inside. :) Although I do feel that the Shuttle is old and in need of a modern and advanced replacement (NOT ARES!!!), I still get goosebumps every time she launches.

Hopefully all goes well with the TPS inspections and my baby, Endeavour, can roll from Pad B to Pad A and get ready for her STS-127 Mission. Ya know, being 2 missions at once is a paperwork nightmare. lol. I've been to so many meetings this past month related to STS-400/127 stuff, only because of the contingency STS-400 aspect. Sheesh! I can't wait until my one bird has just one mission. Of course, that will also mean that Atlantis is fine and I won't have to polish my resume, because if we have to go rescue the crew and leave Atlantis behind, you can kiss the federal space program goodbye. :(

Of course, that always leaves private space. So, when do I get to ride up myself? I am sick of waiting and we REALLY need to push for some legislative adjustments in order to fuel the private space movement fire. Yeah, Virgin Galactic is nice, but that's Sub-orbital. I want the whole tamale! :) Orbit and beyond, baby!

This brings me to Star Trek. I saw that this weekend. I liked it. Yes, I'm a Star Wars geek, but I'm not a Star Wars purist. I enjoy all manner of space sci-fi, if it's good. Finally this Star Trek had more action! Well what do ya know, kinda like Star Wars, which has always been more action oriented. Good job JJ. :) Now, I want some serious funding to go into making Star Trek, or Star Wars technology a reality! Stop screwing around dammit and let's get it done!

If nothing else, a million people should just storm area 51 and Groom Lake and figure out what the hell is really around there. They couldn't stop a million people all flooding at once. :) Of course, now I need to be on the lookout for a black van.


Norman Copeland said...

You my friend are encouraging the covetous eyes of the FBI, you need to consider the KGB space exploration schedule and while broadcasting, interpol, mossad, CIA, M15, M16, and other jobsworth agencies co-ordinate their stealth plans of total trustworthyness.

My Friend, evolution has an art and explaining that art to the community is what forms the path for it. It is envitable that space exploration will soon be on everyones doorstep, but, sigghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Its how we let them think their the clever ones and the important ones.

A book for people who believe that peaceful demonstration and protest rallies governments and the book explains why these agencies many times have been flagrant with the very same laws of international and regional constitutions...

'The three pillars of liberty'.

It basiclly says what citizens can and can't do regarding 'the CIA intercepting account details from international funded companies' and suspending them pending mockery law decisions etc, etc, etc, etc...

The economy is an animal, it can be a beast when weilded with extremely gifted political opinion.

The law says private space licences are for people who maintain impeccable standards.

I personally would not compromise that status for any agency.

Norman Copeland said...

Star trek really is the what its about for me, everything about it 'is' what we want to achieve, for 40 years it has pulled the entire science fiction community towards sanity. I myself have proclaimed Jonathan Frakes my boss, nope, I'm not anyone elses student on this planet, I don't want to be and I'm not interested. Go away, leave me alone I'm busy.

Ok, what time was star trek on?

You see, everything that we are at this time period is evolving to something, and when Jonathan frakes took the helm of the franchise, let me re say that, 'the alter' I new he new what we needed. You must recognise how important this programme is for us.

It gives us a view of our race as we believe it to be evolving, that gives me more essence and vitality for being human at this opportunity than I can speak.

Believe me.

Star trek is the way.

Jerry M. Weikle said...

Be on the look out for a Black van, everyday there is a white van on the highway, road, street or in the parking lot. LOL, Commonwealth of Psychosis Virginia.

Oh, well, it is the Hampton Roads area.

I like that, Douglas, have a million or so people storm Area 51. YEAH, Right On!

I went this past weekend to see Star Trek. You know, Douglas, I think in the "What if" of pausibility or alternatives. It being one of those 'characteristics hallmarks' of having a science background, dealing with the unknowns and trying to find or discover the "Truth".

Well, I was reading in one of the 'textbooks' today--"In the sciences and especially in the research area, one should remember that they are dealing with unknowns and seek to find Truth. However, no one has ever seen Truth..." WHAT, I'm not making this up--I will provide you with the ISBN and page number later on!

What! What they wrote is that none of us have ever seen truth, especially when looking at data or simulations of data. So, the Truth is there is not any Truth--we only see bits and fragments of Truth. Wow! I hope Tyggr reads this!

Back to Star Trek, I concur with "I liked it". I'm not a 'purist' holding on to the Roddenbury Vision and pontificating it everyday of my life, or running around "Glory be to the Ori" in Star Gate. If I did, well, I'll be the first row singing that hymn this Sunday. LOL.

What did I like about this "revision alternative to Star Trek", the technology.

I was flabbergasted with the visual glass displays, that is awesome. I think that is what the "Enterprise" lacked in the original series--they are 200 years in the future where was the 'other' technology? This 'revision' provided that 'other advanced technology' concept.

I raised my vulcan eyebrow at the "Educational System" of young Spock. The Vulcan society has always been a mystery, course no with the distruction of Vulcan it will remain so. I was very impressed with the interactive computer modules and simulations of algorithms that the Vulcan student must achieve in their (not pedagogolical education but androgogical teaching methodologies) Chalk four up for being a education major. Why do I like this, if the individuals in the school system had something intelligent to watch and interact with, then they would learn something. If we had that type of educational structure, instead of this NCLB bull crap. Oh well, political... (Leave Adult humor of Southpark, out of their cognitive concepts until later in life--no wonder we are behind the rest of the world in science and math education. Oh no...they killed Kenny. And this is the 21st Century).

Lastly, the Romulan Planetary Mining Laser! That was fun, as I recall giggling, as everyone from Star Fleet Academy was running across campus to look out at the 'blast zone' there in San Francisco. What I like about this, if humanity had a BIG spaceship or spacecargo ship what could be accomplished with one of those LASERS. Oh, hummm....mining the ice of Europa and transporting it to Mars or Venus for a major (terraforming project). I mean a Geoengineering project on a planetary scale that is near equilivant to the planetary engineering that is occuring on the Earth today, and in the future.

Douglas, I know you hate it when I mention "Terraforming". So, I have to aggrivate you a bit, ;-) lol.

Well, that is what I liked. I'm not so sure about the 'new cast' of Mr. Spock, Captian James Tiberias Kirk, Sulu, Checkov, Scotty, and Urhua--as I feel like I went to a family reunion after 20 years and the old-people that I loved are gone and the 'cousins' are now grown-up; realizing I don't know 'who' they are. Yep, you look like--oh wait your not Spock but you are Spock--

I wish that Vulcan had not been destroyed into a singularity with that 'red matter'. There was so much that needed to be 'known' about the Vulcan way of life, customs, rituals and organization of society.

That will always remain a mystery.

Anonymous said...

In the science of data storage they have created a new magnetic vortex, or tordnado if u will, to reach out and change the polarity of atoms or bits. Could this technology be harnessed to send a far reaching tornado to 'nudge' particles left in LEO to a more powerful recepter, a magnet, to help clean up some of the space debri...Garry Peeler

Douglas Mallette said...

That would have to be one hell of a tornado, and I can only imagine the EM interference something that size would cause. Screw that. lol.

Anonymous said...

watch enterprise if u wanna know more about vulcan society,season 4 has a good episode