Monday, May 18, 2009

Note to the Eco-Fascists

These are the people who drive me nuts by trying to regulate my life and pass so many laws that the government is more of my wife than my wife is. Screw that! I made a comment on this today and liked it so much, I decided to make it its own post. :)


As far as "destroying the planet" is concerned. The planet is fine. It is we who are bitching because the things we've done adversely affect US, not the planet. Such selfish creatures are we.

Mother Earth has withstood asteroid bombardment, noxious gases in the atmosphere, volcanoes erupting throughout her surface, violent solar cycles, magnetic field shifting (leaving her ultimately vulnerable to radiation), and more. Yet she's still here, spinning as elegantly as a ballet dancer on a galactic stage.

The Earth is not sick, she's pregnant, and needs to birth us to the stars.


Norman Copeland said...

Yes, and I'll get the onions dipped in chocholate with salt and pepper grains with bells on and a singing hairdryer with compulsive lying lyrics and a funfare mirror that harry hudinni patented for the queen of tropical rainforest jungle camps...

Jeff C said...

That last part pretty much sums it up. Doug, usually I don't comment on here for pretty much the same reason I don't participate in online "discussions" at all--I believe debating on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics: No matter who wins, you're all a bunch of retards. That, and I think too highly of you as a person and friend to even risk getting dragged down into that.

On this issue, though, I think we pretty much see eye to eye. Michael Crichton made the point that he found it truly arrogant of us as a people and as a species to believe that we can "kill the Earth", which has survived far worse things than us.

I tend to disagree--I truly feel that our problem is the opposite: we're not thinking too highly of ourselves, but of the Earth. I've heard a lot of people blame today's problems on "religion" (some of them on this very blog), but they're only partly right. It's true that fundamentalist ideals are being legislated upon us, but they're not Judaeo-Christian (we keep to ourselves, thank you), they're a form of Druidic worship, or what you refer to as "eco-fascist".

There's a lot I could say (and have said elsewhere) on this religion and how it has been forced on us, but for now, I'll keep it to the realm of space and say that I think these people honest-to-goodness see space exploration as the darkest of heresies.

Think about it: Critics of manned or unmanned space exploration and colonization DEMAND to know "How does it benefit US? Why is this important to EARTH?". They insist that the lion's share of NASA's satellites, probes, and space station experiments be devoted not to other worlds, but THIS one (remember "Mission to Planet Earth"?). They even use the language "Protecting Mother Earth", as if this rock were the Virgin Mary herself. The very notion of living somewhere other than this "Holy Earth" is not just inconcievable to them, it's the height of blasphemy--no wonder support from Congress for NASA has been lackluster.

Thoughts? Am I making sense, or do I sound like a nutjob?

Norman Copeland said...

Jeff, I have spent moments, many moments, staring into a glass of liquid drink contemplating the refractive effects of my face around the outside of the glass, I still wanted the drink, but, wondered If the me on the outside of the glass with the oblong head was thirsty. Guess what, I drank the cider and then new that the me that was looking from around the outside of the glass was thirsty.

The matter is of urgent importance to someone who is practicing to be an alchoholic.

Ever watch the David Carridene 'KUNG FU' series 20 something years ago...

Just listen to grasshopper.

Rick Husband said...

Your argument is the same that killed the columbia crew. Try again.

Douglas Mallette said...

Rick - What the hell are you talking about? How does the Columbia accident tie in to this conversation?

And how dare you use the name of one of the fallen astronauts, unless by some super coincidence, which I doubt, your name really is Rick Husband.

James Smith said...

I think what Rick was trying to say was that past performance is no indication of future activities.

Douglas Mallette said...

James - If that was the case, there wouldn't be an entire course in college for trend analysis, nor would scientists use trend analysis to predict future outcomes.

Yes, past performance does indicate future activities, unless you're strictly referring to humanity, in which case we are capable of complete divergence with little reason. Free will, what a pisser. :)

hatfarm said...

I don't care if it's hurting the planet or not, I want the human race to continue to exist. Pretty much every scientist I have talked to has said that the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere will increase the temperature on earth, the only real argument is how much. The last 9 years have been the hottest 9 years on record (not counting 2008, I believe that each successive year set a new record high). So, to say that we're somehow unable to do anything to hurt the earth, that may be ultimately true, but I want to be around and we're in danger of hurting ourselves. I don't want to have to live underground so we can avoid the high temperatures of the surface.

Also, in the 80's/90's, with the regulation of CFC's we were able to repair a hole in the ozone layer, which we obviously had a part in making a problem. Now, I agree that congress has no real idea of what's going on, that doesn't mean that global warming isn't a potential problem. It is very noticably happening. Whether or not we ever develop our own settlements off of this planet, we need to keep it in a condition suitable to our own form of life for the billions of people who will never leave it.

Douglas Mallette said...

hatfarm - And there are plenty of other scientists that say the cycle is normal and we're due for a cooling, especially since the sun is currently in a very "low activity" phase right now.

At least your reasons are justified...saving the human race...versus those who claim to be saving the planet. That's the joke to me. I'm all for saving the human race. One way is to get them off this fraggin' rock. lol

If we did heavy industry on the Moon, we could pollute the "air" all we wanted, so what, and the planet Earth would be Eden again.

Also, if someone REALLY cares, they'd be knocking the crap out of China, because they are some of the biggest damn polluters on the planet. The US has severe emission and environmental laws, China has squat. They suck. So the bongos need to be banged over there, not really over here.