Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weird Development

Well, suddenly I cannot comment on my own Blog while at work. I can see the Blog. I can post new things, obviously, but I cannot comment...or reply to your comments...while I'm here. I guess they've ramped up Internet security. That sucks when I'm on a break and can't work with my Blog, so I will give comments when I am home, which means you'll have to be patient. :)


Norman Copeland said...

The internet has its own sort of security that operates like a trojan horse virus, it collects frequent used words from computer designations and moniters traffic between computers, when the CIA wrote the commands for systematic closing down down of system connection and function potential they built it to operate like an 'intranet'.

Many business computer systems do not have the facility for porn, web forums, and some of them personal email accounts.

The internet is an exceptional resource, but, what modern people do not realise is that it is constantly being monitered and large companies and corporations need protection from 'personnel' who have brain storm's 'or' bright sparks while there meant to be at work, particularly for the world of information gathering.

The Chinese have blocked most content coming from the western world, the truth is China has built and is building its own internet. Russia blocks most western world content.

As the world changes and learns, new measures need be considered. You've probably noticed the content available on the internet has shrunk considerably to wikipedia quoted address's.

It is probably sensible, but, another public resource go's abegging...

Happy surfing...

Norman Copeland said...

Seti@home {berkeley universities science forum} have banned me from using the forum because of my conversations on other web address's.

They have what seems to be a 'new directive' for the dumbing down of science on their forum.
If you browse it you'll see that it has very, very little science coverage, and truelly, I don't see how they will maintain their overheads on a 4 million pound a year budget.

Sorry, had to mention that because its not making me look bad, I have my own organisation which I've been at work with for two years building and preparing, I'm well known around the world and you'll see that science for the public is being closed off from some quarters for some quarters, and it is relevant to this particular conversation, and probably world wide.

Jerry M. Weikle said...

Agreeing, even with the stipend position, thus ended. What is occuring is the cyber attack from other countries and people wanting to know and get access to the information. Hence, the 'pay for article' within the peer reviewed databases.
Just take a look at the news websites, is there really any information upon science. The ubiquitous individual usually can read a few magazines at the coffee shop book retailers. Even the science over on the "Links to Check Out" has the NSA monitoring and survalence.

My own system couldn't access the local wi fi network. And as Norman mention, I tried going into my Seti@home and the "System is Down for Maintance", as well as the social networking sites that blocked a few "share on" applications.

Douglas, why is it that LiveScience is basically applicable to a 9th Grade article format? The science discussion in open public are heavily monitored, even those within closed Blackboard type courses.

It's part of the Government Transparentacy Policies and of course, data mining within the IT sectors. "What is on your mind?" on FB....think about it Douglas. With the economy in shambles and the social networkings and various groups. The government information security officers and agents are 'scare sh..less" that social unrest will occur, here and abroad.

Hello Monitors. I see you and you see me, now walk on down your street and I shall walk on down my own.

Norman Copeland said...

Trust me, I've been through this 'couple of magazines here, couple of magazines there' thing before, and I didn't comprehend it before, it drove me half mad, I was 29 just about to be 30, I was touting what I believed to be a blue chip company around for potential investment for an international market share coup, I was doing negotiations with 'British aerospace funders' and the first appointments were ''very'' positive, then, as I'm just organising the completion touches, getting my bags ready to move on to a yacht parked on a berth in San Tropez France, I had what was like a 'surreal' conversation with the television and heard voices telling me not to be involved with the greenparty, well, I was a greenparty activist then and it bothered me because I had just delivered plans at a private meeting to fund them with several huindred million pounds for a really suitable green policy campaign...

Anyway, I awoke after sending some letters off the previous evening outlining some plans that I had for an international group of first class business properties.

I turn the news on while sipping my chinese tea and 30 seconds after the picture came on BANG!!!

I had just witnessed the most surreal mass human event I have ever seen, an aero plane I think a 747 crashed into one of the towers in new york...

I was like what?????????????

What the........

I was gawped.

10 minutes later another plane crashed,

the pentagon was the one that really, I knew, I had just said, about the other aeroplanes, what is that about???

I did say, I don't want your money if thats what you do to people for it, and bang...

That was the pentagon dive bombed.

Trust me, It was a twilight zone thing.

You ask yourself, whats this got to do with a couple of magazines, Yes, precisely, how many couple of magazines were in the twin towers?

What about the owners?

Whats that got to do with the price of 'Kray' fish?

What is now the highest building in new york?

The empire state building.

What I'm saying is, that little invisible voice is becoming louder and louder,and some people still remember the caution 'new world order'.

Someones right, righter than someone else.

You can get burberry macs from the warehouse cheaper than the retail shop these days, you'd be advised to watch who stands on the pavement and which way the wind is blowing.

Douglas Mallette said...

Diving a bit too much into conspiracy theory. I shall focus on controlling what I can, and that focus is to become a strong public figure advocate for space exploration and development.

+he WYZ^RD projec+ said...

Since your blog followers might not be able to appreciate my witty retorts via Facebook...

Perhaps it's just 'God' f*cking with you. ;)

Jerry M. Weikle said...

Norman, in 2001 I was living outside of Chicago and enjoyed a Ren Fair in Bristol Wisconsin during the summer prior to 9/11. Talk about a surreal experience when that occurred, I thought I was watching a freakin Bruce Willis movie on the News. My friends and I, at that time, were talking that had the Sears Tower fell--we would all have to take the train from Kenosha into Chicago--we could not comprehend something like that.

Look at the size of the new skyscraper that is being built in Chicago. Or the one in Dubaia.
I am in a Educational Mananagement program, probably will either start a secondary M.S. in a science field or a Ph. D. level. It gets darn freaky, when I open up my email and something "official" arrives from one of the various agencies. The Nigerian scams... A headon car accident out of the freaking blue last year...trying to regain mobility and feeling in my extremities from the whiplash all the while going to work and not having enough to afford the freaking pain medication. Then turn around not more than 2 months ago, having a close relative diagnosed with cancer. Just blowing off some steam here...

Douglas, your absolutely correct. Focus upon what you focus and that is being an advocate for space technology and the development of the technology. That is your calling and purpose, as you define it.

I am interested in how the educational community is going to utilize simulation technology to train this upcomming generation in the sciences. At this point and time, that is how I define my purpose and calling. Shit, it isn't like I am getting secret most of the information that I find is from peer reviewed articles within education on simulation technology or gaming technology.

With that being said:

Squire, partaketh of the meade. And Feast tonight, aye, even the turkey legs are round and plump dis year,past. Soon the time comes to plow and till, the weather beginst a faire wind, and the sun shine forth golden rays of warmth.
Squire, dost see the yellow daffodils bloome? And the dogwood put forthe its bloome.

Heck, does one have to put upon his head a wizards hat and have a crystal ball?

Norman Copeland said...

Hey,what shall you do when you walk on to another planet?

Perhaps everyone wants it? ............................................................................................................................................................................................................... ??????????????????????????????

Perhaps no one does?

But, conspiracy or not we have this situation facing us right now.

At the verge of space travel, ''and you keep arguing about when we're going to the moon, perhaps the Martian surface'' Spaceadvocate, I have three sleeping bags, all camping equipment, and, I've been training like a soldier for 5 years... Before that I was a bordering professional athlete most of my life.

Lets start considering some of these other epic films, perhaps, the story of nuclear holocaust of 'the terminator'...


Jerry M. Weikle said...

...Lol? Norman, you gone wacky on us. I don't even want to comment, but that hasn't stopped me before and it is not going to stop me now.

If, and God Forbid--Douglas this is directed at Norman--something like that were to happen in a large populated area. One of two things would occur, after the shock effect within the global village had settled down. It would potentially cause a massive funding of getting (some of)humanity off the Earth or an anilation of the offending country--after a UN Sanction Order.

This is one of the reason for trying to stablize the regions overseas. North Korea recent launch, against the sanctions imposed by the UN, was a violation of the global governments. China, was opposed to the launch and then a week later is not opposed to the Koreans having the technology to launch a Satelite in orbit.

Granted, some countries are probably getting tired of the political dealings with the Western Nations and Policies. Yet, what happens "If" and that is a big "IF" it were a nuclear warhead blowing up L.A. or San Fran.

A "tit for tat" and the Cowboy Diplomacy that has occurred in the recent history. China owns 2 Trillion Dollars of Investments abroad. Your British behind is stamped "Make in China" just like the majority of western civilization jeans, shirts, and whatnot.

Jerry M. Weikle said...

Instead of debating politics and religion, lets get down to some incredible science. Hydrogen storage cells, have recent been designed to hold 30 football fields of hydrogen in an ounce size sponge-like nanocarbon storage container.

Can you, possibly, try to imagine the improvements with this technology and space nuclear engines? It would put chemical rockets to shame, antiquated as they are, and would facilitate getting humans up on the Moon and over to Mars.

American Chemical Society (2009, April 8). New Gas Storage Material: One Ounce Has Surface Area Of 30 Football Fields. ScienceDaily. Retrieved April 8, 2009, from­ /releases/2009/04/090406102049.htm

Norman Copeland said...

''I am interested in how the educational community is going to utilize simulation technology to train this upcomming generation in the sciences. At this point and time, that is how I define my purpose and calling. Shit, it isn't like I am getting secret most of the information that I find is from peer reviewed articles within education on simulation technology or gaming technology''.

I think your simulation idea for the education of younger adults and children is probably a definate step along our technological evolution, 3d graphics have been coveted for perhaps 40/50 years {media} and many companies have probably worked towards a resolution of its technological identity.

I personally believe a varying number of ways of acheiving the technology, obviuously, LASER is the path of distributinig light channels for a visual effect, I would consider ION DISPLACEMENT SIMULATION, which {I just invented the name of} which is using templates to align sparks of energy and ANTI MATTER CONVERSION SIMULATION [I just invented that name], a mirror technique which uses shadows that have wave lengths distributable among light complexities.

I would be interested to opinion on any sort of development you have regarding your advance towards the invention and implementation.

I am myself a holder of invention patents and am familiar with the process of inventing to getting products on the shelf.

Its_Amazing said...

Hah, they finaly cought up with security for you guys downstairs. It gets annoying when you try to visit certain sites and they are blocked, but at least its not as bad as on-site lately.

Jerry M. Weikle said...

Norman, just trying to work within my foundational knowledge. Course, I can see that I need some 3D modeling knowledge. Hey, if the current technology existed when I was taking Organic Chemistry and I could have understood things from a spatial concept....I would have been able to pass the freak final and balance the equation. Hence, my "Motives" is really self-directed and self-awareness. Before and educator can teach, they atleast should know...

I have a "Yoda" statement "The light of the Universe is within, thus it shines forth to the place of origin." Okay, that is a bit diadactic. going to ban me to the darkest regions of the Universe.

Development of Education Goals of the 21st Century: Applications for Andragogy
Jerry M. Weikle--Student
Dr. xxxxx--Professor
EDU 505: Contemporary Issues in Education—December 4, 2007

The societal benefit of the educational system, including directives of higher education, is experiencing social evolution while moving into the 21st Century. The changes that are occurring within education are primarily due to advanced technological changes and political and economical interactions of world governments. With advances in tele-communications and computer technology, the concept of distant education became a reality of the educational community. Adult education, once confined to ‘night school’ is providing opportunities for individuals to learn subjects beyond “reading, writing, and arithmetic” to various individuals in a wide range of course offerings. Information technology, via the Internet, is providing information on subjects from A-Z in understanding social, political, and economical interactions of world communities and government.

To ensure American economic leadership in a world economy, the educational system plays a vital role within society. In continuance of the forward progress of educational goals and objectives, the United States must leave behind the Industrial Age of production mentality and agrarian practices and realign society and individuals of the diverse workforce population in concepts of the Information Age (Budman, 2007). Especially in a highly competitive global economy, corporations are demanding increasing skills and knowledge from employees in areas of technology and information gathering (Gordon, 2005). In this respect, the responsibility of the educational system is to identify and adjust to changes occurring within the society thus leading the society towards the future.
Addressing those needs legislative and legal involvement, locally and nationally, will continue to concentrate on specific concerns within the evolving educational system of the 21st Century. The changes that are occurring within areas of education are primarily due to advanced technological changes and political and economical interactions of world governments. Distant education programs have further developed with advances in tele-communications and computer technology, providing educational access globally to individuals of developed and developing nations. Even in areas of Adult education, once limited to ‘night school’ in America, is providing opportunities for individuals to learn subjects beyond “reading, writing, and arithmetic” to various individuals in a wide range of course offerings. What challenges are occurring within Higher Education, Adult Education, and Distant Learning? What factors are indicating future trends and adjustments within the educational system?

Adult individuals recognize the potential for career advancement and career development through education. In a highly competitive global economy, corporations are demanding increasing skills and knowledge from employees, beyond entry-level positions. This demand for a college education within America is being supplied through the educational system—Adult learning centers, private and public colleges, and universities throughout America. In learning new skills or information, adults have a variety of personal or professional reasons and interests for continuing education within their lives. Thus, training or retraining of adults in a changing society presents adaptive challenges to the educational system.
One such challenge is occurring within corporate America, companies and business are collaborating with educational institutions to offer employees educational courses. The business-to-business marketing relationship between corporations and educational facilities is a wining symbiotic partnership. In an action of social responsibility, corporations offer tuition reimbursement programs to individuals taking courses related to their professional interest and career development. Business and organizations are challenged by the complexity of profitability within a global economy and future growth requires individuals that can contribute educational knowledge to the growth of the organization.
Therefore, businesses are contributing to the idea of human capital theory by investing in employee education and training. The theory of human capital consists of the “decision to actually attend college depends on whether and how much the expected returns outweigh cost” (Kaufman, 2005). The educational institutions benefit by increasing enrollment of individuals and potentially offering a wider variety of course specific offerings.
The educational institution and facility relationship with the career-oriented individual is also a wining symbiotic relationship. The individual gains information and job skills, applicable too their career and profession, through educational professionals who have an understanding of the profession. There are economic benefits and reasons that corporations assist the employee; for example, keeping the employee within the organization and developing the individual for further leadership roles within the organization. The common sense approach can be stated as--a company or organization that is supportive of the employee’s professional and personal goals by offering tuition incentives, will prevent and circumvent employee turnover within the organization; thus creating a stable work environment for all employees of the organization.
These educational opportunities allow the adult learner to achieve baccalaureate or Master level degrees while performing duties within the career and business organizations. However, Giroux indicates a contradiction to the perception, “no more than 30 percent of an entry-level job in the United States currently requires a college degree.” The economic benefit to individuals apparently is declining while student debt ratios are skyrocketing (Giroux, 2006). Without financial reimbursement assistance from companies or organizational participation, the individual student that graduates with a Baccalaureate degree, calculating financial aid awards, allowing for tuition and associated expenses, is currently estimated at nearly 46,000.00 dollars of debt upon graduation from a four-year institution. (U.S Department of Education, Federal Student Aid, 2006-2007).
With employee sponsored educational funding, tuition debt ratios become considerably lower, as many companies offset expenses of tuition by 10 percent or more to provide educational services to the employee. The bigger picture according to current Census data, an individual who becomes a college graduate will earn approximately Twenty three thousand dollars a year more than an individual with a high school diploma (Johnson, 2007).
Another challenge to the educational system centers upon funding issues and escalating tuition costs, the federal government is becoming involved by passing new legislation concerning financing college education cost. In July of this year, the Senate passed H.R. 2669—called the “College Cost Reduction Act of 2007, also the Higher Education Act passed legislation”, according to O’Donnell. O’Donnell (2007) article quotes Virginia Senator Jim Webb remarks:
The nation’s college students will have significant new resources for financial aid under two bill approved by the Senate. Jointly, the bill simplifies the federal aid process and provides 17 Billion in additional aid to students.
Legislation seeks to lower the cost of higher education for students by reducing lender subsidies, increasing grant amounts and cutting interest rates on student loans.

While it appears to be good news for individuals financing tuition and college costs, it is not quite a ‘rosy’ financial world for individuals pursuing higher education. According to O’Donnell, Congress has not addressed issues on consumer protection. Furthermore, according to O’Donnell, Sallie Mae directs collection penalty fees and measures—professional withholding of certification, wage and tax garnishment, and even termination of employment occurs to individuals who borrow finances to fund college expenses.
What will become the outcome of the legislation? Given different economic conditions throughout the nation, the war, the housing market, the instability in global trade, and questionable career markets: will individuals choose to return to school and learn new skills when financing issues come into focus? Is the corporate tuition reimbursement program enough to cover expenses and cost, in regards to eligible employees? The answers to these questions concerning Higher Education remain and may not be known until later in the 21st Century.
Future Consideration
Factors indicating future trends and adjustments within educational policy include changes within population and the development of social networks. First, how is population affecting education in America? The current U.S population statistics indicates the population has exceeded 300,000,000 million individuals in 2007, according to recent census data. (U.S Census Bureau, 2007) “The nation’s public schools are poised to welcome an unprecedented 49.6 million students as the school year opens.” (Zehr, 2007) The increase includes nearly 1 million “new” students for the prior school year of 2005-2006 enrollments according to Zehr. Due to a boom in the housing market, Zehr indicates Nevada is outpacing the rest of the country. Las Vegas and surrounding communities are the fastest-growing school districts in the country, with record enrollment of Hispanic students according to Zehr, 2007. The increase of population is placing assessment needs upon the educational system to evolve with the specific needs.
The educational system and administrative system are facing overwhelming issues of diversity training throughout the nation. Warranting diversity issues throughout the U.S, stronger approaches to multicultural curriculum policies, guideline development, and recruitment of multiracial teachers will escalate as the 21st Century progresses. In this aspect, the educational system attempts to identify the changing demographics of American society.
Second, how are students learning beyond the traditional classroom lecture? Gewertz (2007) indicates that an “online survey instrument with a population of 1,277 adolescents found 50 percent use text-messaging by cell phone, instant-message via computer, online blogs and other social-connection websites to discuss their schoolwork.” Using social networks of the Internet strengthens the argument for freedoms and rights protected within the Constitution.
The National School Boards Association, according to Gewertz, strongly urges school boards members to “harness the educational value associated with social networking activities In this aspect, a “paradigm shift” of thought is occurring within the educational community regarding the Children’s Internet Protection Act of 2000 law. CIPA requires that schools and libraries are to have a safety policy on Internet usage, to protect children from “undesirable content” accessed through the Internet. (Essex, 2005)
The Children’s Internet protection Act of 2000, in principle, legally attempted to protect the various parties involved, on one hand the school and library system and on the other the student. Since billions of pages of information occur on the Internet, the student, according to Essex (2005), “must be cautioned that the pages may contain offensive, sexually explicit, and inappropriate material.” Essex (2005) mentions “The courts held that filtering technology, according to CIPA policy, erroneously blocks a massive amount of speech that is protected by the First Amendment.” Afterwards, schools kept filtering technology on computer networks and libraries removed filtering software. Hines (2007) indicates that attempts “were sought to protect the interest of schoolchildren by socially engineering ‘desirable’ characteristic” within society through education.
Gewertz (2007) presents several direct quotes from David Weinberger regarding legal questions that have yet too manifest in the court system, one such legal question, regarding the use of the Internet—Is the Internet to be seen as-- “a dangerous land where access to knowledge must be restricted?” Gewertz (2007) further quotes Weinberger with “We can’t teach students to question authority, examine the roots of credibility, if we keep picking safe places for them to go.” Furthermore, Giroux (2006) speaking upon democracy and beliefs of democracy states: “The role of engaged intellectuals is not to consolidate authority but to understand, interpret, and question it.”
To reiterate the initial argument of ensuring American leadership in a world economy, the educational system will continue to evolve to meet those needs. Therefore, the educational system will incorporate changes that are occurring at the National and International levels of business and economic policy. Unforeseen events— natural, political, or technological— can occur at any given point, place and time, and radically change existing concepts that adults in society will adapt and adjust too. With the advent and development of technology, new opportunities for learning are occurring in areas of Higher Education, Adult Learning, and Distant Learning. In respecting the rights, privileges, and freedoms, the educational system contributes to future growth and stability of the people of the United States of America.

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Norman Copeland said...

[Jerry's comment]
''These educational opportunities allow the adult learner to achieve baccalaureate or Master level degrees while performing duties within the career and business organizations''.

[Norman Comments]
Thats the exact method of how I acheived my masters certificate, I just did the sums and it cost me £170,000.00, in revenue I would of earnt had I been practicing to my full financial capability.

It was worth it, and I'd tell anyone its worth it, there isn't a method or substitute for being what you want to be, change it at any future opportunity if you decide you don't want that vocation, but, do it. I have one regret and that is I didn't stay at campus with other students, but, thats because the london university didn't have the facilities because of its specialist discipline, there is about 10 people per class and everyone was secretive.

The thing with this information you have offered is, it has a total and catagoric negative effect on community intelligence standards because of constant recession.

The golden rule with recession is, 'the last one in is the first one out' thats the sack for any new graduates. And thus, when recession strikes, its the situation of ''your over educated''...

And that goes on, and on, and on, and on...

Then its, well, I better do a conversion, someone gets it.

And thus, who is what they want to be?

I have been lucky enough to scrimp and scrape among my profession, probably because of its ability to generate decent sums of money while the opportunity is apparant, but, it can be just as fun applying intellect to other disciplines.

The books of relevence to comprehending the reality of a changing developing lower/middle class communiity are;

1984 - George Orwell [This book shouid be compulsory for every man and women to have read].

Brave new world - Auldus Huxley

Stranger in a stranger land - Issaac Asimov

You should be grilling local education authorities for the next generation legislation for the protection of education regarding recessive economies.

Whats the name of the radio station that gets the questions sorted?

Jerry M. Weikle said...

Norman, Thank you for your advice and insight. You are right, 'last one in, is first one out'--it occurred in AIG, Morgan Stanley--Purcell. Yet, to top brass because of time in the game is valued more than a fresh idea or concept.

It seem that these companies and business organizations "want and scream for the educated" individual. Yes, for government funding it looks great that a company has 30% M.S level, 53% B.A or B.S level and the remaining on the other ends of the Bell Curve. Yet, had I worked in an area that specializes in one of the science fields (not having the B.S. in Biology)I would have been far more productive and a success. That 'success' being a person sense of accomplishment, not ncessarily a professional accomplishment.

Well, common sense wisdom "If a person is determined and wants to accomplish, one can go over it, around it, under it, or through it. Or they can forget it altogether."

The recession/depression is hurting financially many people, I don't know a person that isn't behind on something or hasn't lost something. One can only do the best that they can.

I went for a walk in one of the local parks today, it was very nice to just relax. Course, I stopped at a local nursery and looked at a few plants; cactus, orchids, and the various spring flowers. Several people were round about, milling too, the quiet stillness of the local lake was...enjoyable. You know what I mean.

Yeah, over the next few weeks--as the last course starts the week of the 13th--grilling the local officials and finding further supportive articles for 'academic arguments'.

Oh, interesting read in Policy Analysis No. 609 2/5/08, "What to Do about Climate Change" by Indur M. Goklany.

To have an effective educational system in the 21st Century, there are the various social issues and then climate issues that will also occur. Even that articles indicates, and paraphasing the concept, that existing climate models are effective with 5 to 10 years within the simulations. There is alwasy the validity issues and then the 'unknown variables' that causes fluctions within the world systems.

Sorry for being anal, just intense reading. And you wonder why I participate in the science is restful. Yet, walking along the James River, is peaceful, with the gulls or Canadian Geese in flight over the river.

Thank you again, for the words of wisdom..I shall reflect upon them.