Thursday, April 30, 2009

NASA to Abandon Moon Base Idea?

That's fine. The private sector can and will build a Lunar Infrastructure. We don't need NASA as much as everyone thinks we do. NASA should focus on Mars. Let the rest of the private sector build upon the moon.


Anonymous said...

Hooray private sectors!

Norman Copeland said...

Barack Obama organised 1 trillion dollars after 4 months of deliberation {unless someone planned to give the capitalist regions of the world some cash for credit spending}.

I think that sort of cash can be organised again. Especially considering if someone had a trillion dollars of cash from the arab members of the community.

It would probably be about proving credentials and credibility though.

Dan said...

Eh, I agree that the private sector is pretty strong if the economic reason is there, although i think the best way for us to basically force ourselves to stay on the moon is via a NASA/Industry moonbase. Mars eventruly, but we need the lifter first.

Norman Copeland said...

Well the technique that I would employ first is to give total support to NASA building an infrastructure based upon the constitution that John F. Kennedy implemented with staunch justification and administration.

Then I would like to help my personal friends and colleagues that everything you do ''economically'' [digitally speaking], can be controlled and managed 'regionally', that is, the region is CeNtRaL to the consistancy of the phase and stage developement of the evolving mechanism.

Suggestively speaking...

May the heavens shine on you?

TimeTheFinalFrontier said...

I agree NASA should focus on Mars. The moon will never have commercial or military significance and the science is petering out. Establish the outpost on Mars, get it self-sustaining and start to reproduce. Cheaper to be born there than to fly there from Earth. Plenty of iron rich resources and silica for those steel and glass domes. Start small and build, just like our ancestors. Bring a few necessities on the ship, trade Martian rocks (fossils maybe??, polished hematite blueberry jewelry?, bottled Martian water). Could be a great solar energy society.

Norman Copeland said...

400 billion years is the number of years of struggling towards human salvation, how we get there is the fun part.

Welcome to the space cadets.

Yours sincerly,

The A team.