Friday, April 24, 2009

My Book (reason for lack of posting)

Hello my friends. Some of you might be wondering why I have not been posting much lately. Honestly, it has to do with the fact that I'm knee deep in writing my book. It's a non-fiction about space exploration and development, written in much the same way I write my posts here. In fact, decent chunks of the book are directly from my posts in here. lol. So, I am still reading articles and thinking about them, but have spent most of my time writing my book. I will try to post on here at least 2 times a week so you know I'm alive. lol.

Of course, if you find something that you want my thoughts on, you can always find me on Facebook. I'm easy to reach.


Norman Copeland said...

Master Douglas Mallette, I hope you have considered utilising the probabilities of neccessitating technology that will be vital for our developing space exploration.

A broad knowledge of animal visuals will be neccessary to impliment the neccessary requirements for anticipation of interaction with alien species.

Particularly reptile and reptilian visual attributes that operate multi visual capacities simoutaneously. The reptiles infra red visual capability does not just identify infra red images from a long distance, it shows the residue trail of the animal emmiting the heat source from hundreds of yards away, perhaps more.

As most reptiles visualise objects as they appear subject to photosynthesis activity, reptiles observe most objects as green and perhaps taints of yellow and blue.

Humans visualise with 'photoneutronic' capacity which is translating refracting light from water, showing the spectrum that we have available.

Other races/animals will probably have different methods of visualing and thus, worlds/objects and constellations will look different to them.


Its really important preparing these concepts for the next generations to consider. Men and women have known these things for a lot of years, but, the science arena hasn't really considered them important technological applications...

Douglas Mallette said...

I'm more focusing on how it can help us, and some of the technical aspect of what can and could be done to get there now. Future research, such as what you've described, like smaller and better human/technology interfaces (biotechnology), would be just one of many things that people should start companies and start doing.

Jerry M. Weikle said...

Douglas write that book!!!

Encouraging words I send to you, not knowing what you read or how you organize your thoughts. Yet, I know that it is important to you to develop a concept discussion and therefore formulate a design. The future, without knowning what that may be...may very well depend upon aspects within the book that you are writing.