Friday, April 3, 2009

ITAR Revisited

Well, this is funny. I remember talking about this last month. I wonder if anyone important is reading this blog and passing my nuggets of wisdom to Congressional officials. lol.

Either that, or common sense is prevailing and there is an increasing number of people who realize that certain aspects of ITAR are killing the American Space Industry, and therefore a strong part of our productive economy. Either way, this is a major step in the right direction. I hope it succeeds.


Norman Copeland said...

The written word is testiment to the power that it has been generating Master Douglas Mallette.

It is a very valid objective opinion that seeks to, marry the previous exploits of the American star wars programme with the rise of China's economy.

As the absolute monster that the Chinese economy represents it dwarfs the American economy and the result was that European and American trade embargo's were imposed upon China, particularly because of its ability to demolish the economie's of europe and America with labour productivity output per head being the contributer to the total and complete establishment of worldwide communism.

So, the remedy suggested to temporarily nullify the situation, was to encourage China's participation of a spacial development programme hinging on the American economy paving the way financially for china to enter space?

The financial term may of been suggested as 'piggy backing', and you quite obviously recognise the connotations of satelite superiority spacially regarding future developments.

The more recent developments of international arms agreements have seen large concern with the development of EMP weapons, Electro magnetic pulse weapons have the ability to knock out any electronic systems of any technology, particularly aircraft, the technology is quite simplistic as it is a basic pulse of energy emmited from an antenna.

People will be knowledgeable of the technology remembering the 300 mile radius of electronic disruption and knock out quotient of a certain nuclear pulse emmited from a nuclear bomb.

The technology has progressed comsiderably with antenna harnessessing energy from satelites.

Its probable this is the sort of technology which is guarding america these days, but, I would imagine trained on the star wars programme that America 'may or mightn't' of given to the Chinese for maintenance and a learning curve for satelite distribution of spacial objects [sarcastically speaking].

Silence is not an act of silent.

May the force be with you.

Jerry M. Weikle said...

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to read the article that Douglas provided in the hyperlink. Computer acting up a bit.

So, this relates more to the prior discussion and the simulations of a 105 day trip out to Mars.

The research has been done, upon psychological and physiological aspects. What purpose that ESA or Moscow has, well....20 years to see if a "Tin Can" with 10 people aboard will exist???

Cognitive psychologists study things that people do in their heads and how they
subsequently perform based on those mental operations. Cognitive psychology is largely
an academic discipline and a basic science, concerned primarily with (a) identifying
analytically the fundamental components of mental life, such as attention and its
allocation, memory systems, problem solving, decision making and the like, (b)
constructing experimental paradigms to isolate and examine these components in the
laboratory, and (c) developing theoretical structures that help to make sense of the data
collected in these paradigms.

From the report and documentation within:

"Final Report
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Grant Number NAG2-1561
Lyle E. Bourne, Jr. and Rita A. Yaroush
February 1, 2003

In public domain space and web accessible.

When there is already the science that is known, years of reports and studies upon various aspects.

Well, there might not be a Spanish Queen this time around---but a Chinese Businessperson that has accumulated vast wealth from America's tumbling stock prices and subsequent governmental bailouts.

Norman, your right "Silence is not an act of Silent" but a way of looking at things and reflecting upon the possibilities.

Norman Copeland said...

Happy easter to each man and women and other righteous persons, characters and brethren.

My own sruggle with semi deleriousness is united with such art.

May the force be with you.


Norman Copeland said...

Lets post this link again.


Norman Copeland said...

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Norman Copeland said...

Guess I should tell you the title and artist.

Perugino - Giving of the keys to St Peter {1481}