Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Global Warming Fun

So because of a statement in an article I read I asked a question, or more aptly made a thought statement...just thinking out loud to start a simple discussion. Here's the fun. :)


Completely random thought, but this statement fuels the question, "On Earth, heat is constantly escaping from the planet's molten interior, which warms the bottom of glaciers and ice sheets, melting the ice, "and the ice sheet literally can slide," Hecht explained."

I wonder how much research has been done on "Global Warming" with respect to the planets core heat. Advocates of G.W. use the melting ice caps as a "sign" to prove their damn theories that people are the cause by heating the atmosphere, but could there be an internal explanation instead of an external one? Just a thought.

Salts on the surface...okay...but what's in the caves? :)


So someone wrote back...

If you're suggesting that the interior of the planet is heating up, and this explains the melting caps and global warming, it's not.

The interior of Earth is hot, but as I understand, it's only the insulation of the planet that keeps it hot, there's no reaction that is keeping the core molten. It's slowly cooling as heat escapes, like Mars. Since Earth is bigger, it takes a lot longer to cool down than Mars did. But one day it will, and Earth will lose its magnetic field, and the atmosphere will be blown away by solar winds.

Also, I suggest you do some reading on climate change. Humans are causing it. It's not a natural phenomenon. Trust me on this.


And I wrote back...

You're preaching to the wrong guy, because I have done a fair amount of reading on this and firmly believe that Global Warming is a political farce, and that we're not nearly affecting our global temperature as much as the alarmists think. 50 years of study over a 4 billion year old planet is a joke of data collection, not to mention the sun itself, planetary interactions, our position relative to galactic center where the most high energy bursts come from, etc.

And stop saying "Climate Change", what a crock of crap. My climate changed yesterday, from an 80 degree day to a 75 degree one. Should I panic? What a loose and bogus term to use...Climate Change. Nice way to butter both sides of your bread so that you seem right now matter what facts actually come out, especially when they aren't in your favor. This suggests that the Global Warming term was losing its charm, since the planet has been actually cooling over the past few years. Please.

As for the core, I know that it's cooling all the time, I'm not suggesting that it's warming, but that there may be new sub-ocean vents (or the current ones are growing) near the poles heating up the local waters. I have no proof or anything, just a thought based ont he statement in the article itself.

The core is hot and molten because of intense pressure related to the mass of the planet compacted at its center of mass, and the internal dynamo of liquid metal spinning related to the Earth's rotation. The heat escapes through vents (volcanoes, steam vents, etc.) and filters throughout the atmosphere. The core affects the atmosphere more than the atmosphere can affect the core.


To be continued...maybe...


Its_Amazing said...

Arguing about "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" online is turning into a big troll mess. Once Al Gore comes out of hibernation this summer, we will get even more b.s. in the news.

btw...there use to be a good video on Discovery Channel about the Great Coral Reef. Probably one of the best ones I've seen showing how our planet has changed its climate over thousands of years. Definitely worth a watch!

Norman Copeland said...

'we will get even more b.s. in the news'

Well, the argument is not everyone is that clever, its noticable just from the way some people speak that there performing way below par...

Andrew said...

Apparently "So someone wrote back" has not reviewed the Earth's known climate history which includes Ice Ages and periods or Warming. I would suggest researching the “little Ice Age” which conveniently ended around the 1850s.
The Earth's climate as I understand it is cyclic and does not need humans to go from cold to hot and back again...
I am no expert but I see no reason why the current seasons would not or could not be embedded in a greater long-term cycle that we have not observed in detail. This greater cycle could be tied to the Solar Systems transit through the Galaxy, the Sun cycle or even the Earth’s precession. We have a bit of data on all three but I know of no data correlating any of the three to our weather.
I have a serious question though about something I heard or read somewhere. It is basically that the Earth is actually cooling and not getting warmer. This of course leaves me confused as to how the Ice Caps seem to be melting? Second if the Earth is cooling then I wonder how cold it would be without Humans and their CO2 production.

Bartacus said...

The politicization of the global climate debate is a good argument for re-opening the Office of Technology Assessment, to act as a buffer between the hard science--when it appears--and the lawmakers who need to decide what to do about it, if anything. See my latest: http://bartacus.blogspot.com/2009/04/ota-and-environmental-policy-this-weeks.html.


Douglas Mallette said...

Bartacus - Absolutely great article. I commented.

Norman Copeland said...

Whats obvious is that we'll be watching the climate changes from a different planet, If we're not, we're in trouble. Thats why I have commited to the spaceadvocates blog. He cares, he is among men who build space ships everyday, and he can tell them when it is official, we have 130 years to get off this planet!!!!!!!!!!!

TimeTheFinalFrontier said...

"there's no reaction that is keeping the core molten".

There are some that theorize there may be nuclear reactions at or near the core. My thought on this is that these theories open the possibility that hot mantle convection could cause periodic accumulation of fissile material that results in an increase in heat. Strictly a layman's thought, though.

TimeTheFinalFrontier said...

Interesting article on nuclear reactions in the Earth's core.