Monday, April 20, 2009

Better Safe Than Sorry

So SpaceX noticed a possible issue between their rocket and the payload, and they delayed the launch. This shows two key things:

1. An attentive staff that's willing to speak up when something is amiss.
2. The responsible act from SpaceX in postponing their launch in order to ensure the safety of the payload.

As responsible as they are innovative, SpaceX is now showing the same level of attention to detail that the "big boys" do. Good, that's the way it's supposed to be.


Jerry M. Weikle said...

You know Douglas, I am glad you brought that to our attention.
As private industry starts the process of developing space technology, there are going to be issues concerning what is going up in space?

From the historical aspect, the exploration of space has mainly been a military/scientific aspect. With the newer countries and Nations now developing rocket technology, i.e North Korea, some of these countries because of their "Military Stance" are going to be very concerned and see everything as a potential threat. Stupid and narrow minded is their thinking.

So...the "big boys and big brother" is there, safety protocols because in the global village some are still 'thugmental'.

It would be interesting, just from the freedom of academic inquiry...even if it is a long-shot of survivability send up a few species of extremophilic microbial species to Mars.

Okay, I know your stance on Terraforming Mars as being "impossible". Yet, my stance is why not send a few microbes, halophilic, psychophilic, extremophilic bacteria microbes to the Martian polar region.

If something unique and unexpected does happen, then what is learned from the experience and knowledged gained far outways having not even attempted.

(We dwiddle with our toes in the ocean and yet fear the water...there be monsters and sea serpents to destroy our souls out there. We, humans are so Earth Center in our thinking...)

Norman Copeland said...

How many betters? How many safes?

Thats the precise issue I would like proper scientific organisations to start talking about. Especially considering the different energies that our astronaughts 'MUST' learn if they are to realistically consider themselves spaceman.

How will an albeno astronaught react to a burst of solar energy striking the ship/vessle? Yes, it is radiation, but, its intrinsic denomination regarding the effect the energy has on human plasma is 'THE MOST IMPORTANT SCIENTIFIC ACCOMPLISHMENT' any space faring race must acheive.

So, the simplie question is, for a man/woman of very pale skin how much tolerance to ionic bombardment has each human body got?

Is it possible to train ion resistance?

Will ion resistance give protection against different, perhaps lighter forms of radiation?

Its that holiday syndrome again, and, I know you won't like what I'm saying, but, its true, white north american of european will not be available for space travel because their chemistry is under going a revamp, the basic chemicle value of these generic section of the public is that it is mutating to brown skin {because of america's climate}, while doing so, it is shedding its genome structure. It is strengthening its ion resistance, but, destroying its previous status.

The same is happening to afro americans they will be losing their ion basic standard which was indiginous to africa and the west indies. Again, mutating to a brown skin climatology.

It's about what the frequencies transmit to the brain to control the parasympathetic nervous system, which its self tells the bodys when it should feel pain and when it is comfortable.

Regions of the planets are really neccessary for the development of particular resistances.

You should listen.

Douglas Mallette said...

Norman - Show me any science to back up those statements. Are there reports on it? I have never read, anywhere, about ion resistance as it pertains to skin pigmentation.

Now, if the ship is properly shielded, it doesn't matter who is in the ship. That's what needs to be worked on.

Norman Copeland said...

Some conditions of motion sickness and heat sickness.

Sun stroke - Caused by exposure to heat.

= Relevance to space. What sort of exploring will we be capable of? Totally confined?

Sea sickness - Caused by current churning.

= Caused primarily by sea movment, by intrinsically current turbulance.

Both of these I beleive will be main influencial sickness when travelling at different regions of the constellations.

Jerry M. Weikle said...

Norman, from what I understand the atmosphere protects us from some types of radiation, like UVA and UVB. Yet, skin pigmentation or melinin within cellular tissues is not protective of neutrinos, gamma rays or even X-rays.

Isn't that the reason for the protective suits and visors that have been used on the various mission to the ISS or even with the Apollo Landers?

Even if, someday, a Earth Observatory were to be built on the Moon. Basically a window that individuals could look at the Earth, from a research facility or even within a cafeteria for individuals mining minerals. The glass would have to have sometype of coating or nanomaterial build within to block the different type of frequencies of light/radiation.

It would be terrible, if per chance, humans were to be celebrating Earth Day 2079 and the entire United Nations Leaders were on the Moon and were looking out a Window at the Earth, just as a CME with high energy particles struct the magnetosphere of the planet. Without proper protection, they would fry like an ant under a magnafying glass.

oh a plot-scene for a movie, SpaceBalls 23...or Total Recall IV...Tranplanting Humans)

I'm not sure were you were going with the discussion considering "Ions", Norman. As Douglas indicated, what science are you alluding to?

Granted, ion exchange occurs in the body during metabolism. It is how salts are removed from the body in the production of urea and passed through as urine. Now on Mars, the lack of water--well it is there--but would need to be refined because of potentially high concentratios of salts. A person body, if not protected by a suit against the solar radiation environment but also the lack of humidity--would loose ions and the cellular structures would radically alter. Even plants cellular structures would radically alter, because the atmosphere isn't thick enough. It is analogous too the flow from high concentration to low concentration, with the ions.

Was that what you were mentioning or talking about?

Norman Copeland said...

Hello Jerry, hope alls well...

Ok, really the sort of science that could get to the gist of the subject is probably 'astrology', though astrology is still considered pseudo science I believe it warrants some real attention.

I myself, probably like 95% of people on the surface of this planet have noticed different traits among people born at different times of the year. I believe that, just as the moon tides effect the body balance of a womans hormone cycle, I believe that has man is himself 71% water he himself is effected with rythyms, some may of researched biorythyms and their quantative effects, but, lets keep this simple.

It is a fact that water, as we discussed is subject to molecular change at command according to environmental vibrations. These vibration I beleive we will agree resonate different frequencies across different mass's, and regions of space.

I believeit will one day be neccessary to choose astronaughts for missions based upon their birth date and how they have trained for the mission according to how, why, and when the planets and constellations align to those regions of the mission that are being explored.

I believe it imperitive to research the possibilities of maximising our body to perform at different ionic atmospheric conditions.

I have personally been researching this science for 8 years, as you and some of my other friends have the knowledge of, I do like to do the research with other religions because their is so much more data available for the research of it.

For instance, the bible says that man was made from mud, a lot of people haven't really got the resource of personal knowledge to justify such testimony, but, we as committed scientists and scholar/amateurs have seen with NASA's search for methane confirming life existance, well, as we have learnt methane is the chemicle which is produced form decaying aminos acids intrinsically devolped from melding/merging decaying mud.

So, on the topic again, its about water and how it is efected, woman still menstruated when inside buildings. Catch my drift?

Jerry M. Weikle said...

Hello Norman. I am taking a mental break from the "writing" that I am doing. Hope you are doing well also.

Yes, the Bible indicates that human was made or created from the mud. But this was because of the thinking of those individuals at that time, they didn't know and developed a meta-theory without even knowning what a theory was. Some of the best theories are meta-theories, they are simple in concept but complex. Did they know that "the mud" contained the chemicals for the formation of the RNA or DNA helix? In their rendition of "mudman--Adama, and mudwoman--Hadama" did they conceptualize the metabolic pathways within cellular respiration, removal of bodily toxins?

No, I don't think they did. I was a "Woops! Dare it is and (I really don't know how) so God did it." and this served the masses well for thousands of years in Western idealogies and thought processes. We accepted a truth based upon an illusion to find other truths that were far more detailed and relevant too our existance and the existance of life on this planet, possibly even beyond.

So, today we wonder about the possibility of microbial life on neighboring worlds with simular structure within the DNA double helix. Did panspermia occur or not, can "Daisyworld" exist in the most simplification of a planet that could potentially regulate the processes of life. Where does the methane on Mars come from, is it biological or geological induced and self sustaining?

Respectfully, Norman, the eastern cultures in their way of thinking and understanding the world is a mixture of masculine and feminine qualities in all things. This is exemplified within the Taoist concept of Yin/Yang; two forces that unite and balance each other out.

As you were speaking about hormones, specifically with connotation to women and their menstural cycle. All life is regulated because life evolved on this planet and is influenced by the various times and seasons of the year. Your of the scientific mindset, and you know yourself that even men have unique hormonal regulation. There are scientific studies and psychological studies that indicate that the prison population has a high level of testerone and this is linked with maladaptive behaviorial displays of agression within society. Equally too, all women in a dorm-room environment will subsequent time their mensteral cycles. Your British, that is a bloody-mess, pardon the intential pun!

Either way, one could be punched in the face if someone biological systems are a bit off.

We would have have fun sitting at a bar just talking, as two guys. Want an Ale with that! lol.

One of the various reasons that modern world society is experiencing the the overpopulation of humans on this planet. In high-density populated situations, the women get a whiff of the pheromeones of other women--even the skunk-base of their own perfume and the men to prove there masculinity display agressive behaviors--the Bucks in Rut.

While not wanting to apply Calhouns (1962) Rat studies to civilized humanity, the simularities sure are indictive of an overpopulated species within a confined space.

Women, in trying to regulate their own menstrual cycles utilize hormonal birth control. What isn't utilied by the body, gets the proverbial "Flush" to become part of the esturine environment. Algea and plankton absorb chemicals in cellular respiration. Small fish eat plankton and algea and absorb the chemicals, some becoming hermophidic as adults. Larger fish eat the smaller fish...the biological web of life. People eat fish, put on fat tissue and produce more hormones to regulate the body.

What about the pathological vector of diseases, coral being destroyed by herpes virus in the open ocean? Open sores on whales and dolphins because of a variant within the genome of a human pathogen. Humans are destroying their own planet...I could have expressed that in a different way but chose not too.

Of course it is about the water...on this planet or even over on Mars. What little there is, being frozen in glaciers or subsurface regions of the polar areas--the chemicals from natural weathering process are going to be present in the water samples.

Here on Earth, Salmon migrate from the oceanic environment to the fresh water environment dependent upon the chemical biomarkers within their little fish brains. Even without the known presence of life on Mars, each region of the planet would have unique chemical weathering processes occuring and transported via water molecules. To bad the atmosphere isn't think enought to sustain global warming and a water cycle like the Earth on Mars.

Yet, if it were the oceans would be highly saline and probably near the salinity of the Dead Sea, with the influx of salts from the mountains and plains. With the current conditions, the various salts would separate from and become hydrophobic instead of hydrophilic. Thus, the waters own molecular arrangement, in a crystaline lattace structure freezes into glaciers. With the occasional acidic salts melting pathways below the glaciers to remain. How any life, if it were to exist, survives would be very unique.

Like the glacier in Antartic, iron oxide and sulfur compounds being used by bacterial microbial species in an anerobic environment that releases hydrogen that bonds with carbon to produce the methane--if that is one of the sources of the methane. Yet, the methane wouldn't be stable in the atmosphere because of the halogenated gas that release the molecular bonds thus freeing the hydrogen to a higher atmosphere level or lost via ionazation of the upper atmosphere because of the lack of a planetary magnetosphere.

Yet, even with that occuring the possibility of humans or robotics drilling into the rock structures for living habitats could be achieved, I think. With proper management of the resources, recycling of resources and protective glass reinforced with nanomaterials that facilitate as a radiation blocker, it might be possible for humans to have greenhouses on Mars.

Oh, here I go again on a "Total Recall" seems like it would be so pausible...despite the little nyphm with three outlandish titilations ;-0h my, did I just write that!!!

I've been talking about Gas so much, I think Douglas probably thinks all I do is fart. I am really trying hard not to make a fart joke...but the Universe is gaseous...pewey!

If one wanted to know what God smells like, go to a swamp...listen to the voice of singing frogs. Natures catherdals and church at its best.

Oh well, like I said, I took a break from the regular writing...I'm trying not to get "Loopy" I just did above.

Norman Copeland said...

Hello Jerry, I shall brush the cob webs off my comments as they have been vague of recent and perhaps obscure like some artist who has learnt a new type of artistic expression.

As usual jerry I have considered your testament with multiple stage analysis.

I believe your 'concept' that you have patented for the development of some sort of simulator which delivers the virtual reality atmospheric conditions of different planetary and constellation compositions of differing combinations, to be a 'MOST IMPORTANT SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PROGRAMME'.

I can visualise now how you must be putting it together, my guess is that you'll be using some sort of magnetic chamber/room and firing ion filaments into it which effect the body suits that the 'trainee astronaught' will be wearing.

Different standards of magnetic pulses rendering the astronaught to the differences of planetary combination climatic atmospheres.

It is empirical that bodies begin to sweat at different temperatures, but, the brain reactions to the type of heat or cold that is being experienced is the essential for how the element of the environment is distributed to the brain effecting it. Thus, taking on board new elements and how they effect the body functions.

Even considering how humans react to each other when exposed to pheronomes of recent 'exposees', will perhaps reveal vital clues as to how best approach 'colonising other planets and moon science'.

It is, and will be an excellent training tool for proper space exploration and, I will be sending you 'all' of the resources that I learn of to advance the idea you have started.

I agree Jerry, sweat salinity may be the future astro travel test for journeys and their possibilities.

Jerry M. Weikle said...

Norman.....Ssssshhhhaaah. That is Ultra-Dimensional.

Your going to mail the disk drive, right? Everything can be tracked on the net.

Norman Copeland said...

The computer I have used for the previous 18 months is involved with an investigation, its sort of science and national defence procedure legislation. I'll be talking to you from our other email address's around the science fraternity.

And those super computer programmes should warn people of the dangers of linking computers for more than 400 terraflop activity. Thats a lot of energy that is convertible for adverse computer sabotage warfare. It could be used for a lot of different multi circuit uses, particularly while gathering 'key' words, combined with satelite systems for off world communication.

Language could be our undoing.