Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Iranian Space Program - Dial 911!

As much as I want the Iranian space program to be a peaceful venture, I just can't bring myself to believe that Ahmadinejad doesn't have some nefarious plan in mind.

You just cannot trust someone who wants to literally wipe a culture off the face of the map for no reason other than religious differences. I'm sure the majority of the Iranian people okay, but their leader is not.

Check mark goes to skepticism.


Norman Copeland said...

Truefully, I am more of a skeptic having to consider how far out modern technology has got because the reported space programme development from these previous 40 years has not been really as exciting as 'I' have been excited about it.

Ok, I do have a habit of curling my heels and toes as I'm reading space exploration articles, but, we were that keen weren't we?

Why shouldn't Iranians be? Gosh If we at Europe had those clear skies everynight to gawp at I'm sure we would produce more scientists, particularly space scientists.

We have satelites monitering the situation I say give us the money Iran and welcome aboard. Those militia men? Yeah right, I respect culture and have a lot of respect for Islam, but, don't they think the nightsky is amazing, the secret services will disarm them, and they'll come by hook or by crook. And bring the camels!!! They'll be, more useful than our landers.

Mithridates said...

Well, the election is coming up this June so we'll see what happens after that. The average Iranian is not very impressed with Ahmadinejad at the moment because of rampant inflation and much less wiggle room in the budget than he had anticipated due to low energy prices, so he's not able to spread as much money around as he would like.

After the dust clears post June 12th we'll have a better idea of what Iran is going to be like in the next few years.

Douglas Mallette said...

Mithridates - Valid argument. My only concern is that any Iranian President, including Ahmadinejad, is nothing mroe than a figure headed puppet for the religious extremeists behind the scenes.

I do hope for the sake of stability and humanity in the middle east that the Iranians do elect someone with a more reasonable outlook on life, their own peoples and the lives of others, regardless of religious affiliation. We'll see.

Norman Copeland said...

Religion is a really sensitive subject and really, we have to be careful talking across any culture/s because of the historic intricacies involved distributing past angers with newer conversations resulting with unsolved arguments churning into newer opportunities for solving them.

I have read the Koran and really beleive it a magnificent effort of humanitarian proportions, though the majority of non muslim people haven't any idea what its about, I can say that it is truelly a respectable literature accomplishment.

I read it because I felt alienated to muslim people and knew many muslim people that were my friends, but, I became uncomfortable when a cloud of uncertainty concerning our relationship lingered because of politics and diplomacy which I think could of been handled much, much better than it was.

Centrally governments use footage which is biased to the administration personal agenda which the majority of the citizens haven't got a clue about.

Those of us in the western world joke about our presidents and prime ministers because it is farsical at times ''and we admit it''.

Islam is a proud and very disciplined organisation for the sterdiness of men and for the respect to women. The koran speaks volumes and volumes about treatment of a woman, knowledgeble of the very dangers which a woman is subserviant to.

The attempt is very obvious and plenty of us westerners believe it offensive to a womans natural choices. But, I believe that the choice of a womans liberty is ultimately subserviant to the deeds of men.

It may be difficult to accept and considered chauvinist, but, in a desert world with predominantly less theives per head than the western world it may be a resolute formula for the developement of proper conduct between men and woman.

At the weak side of the consideration it is an honorable attempt to be proper, I believe it is like old fashion western values. Strange, but, true.

What I'm really worried about is if we're building spaceships which planet will the apocalypse of the four horsemen happen on?

Or do they know something I don't?

I just want friends me...

Douglas Mallette said...

All people are created equal, and I don't care what gender or race. Human is human. There is no room in humanity for the way the middle east treats it's women, period.

And I don't believe in some apocalypse either. Hogwash designed to control the masses. As the masses expand, the control becomes fleeting. Hooray humanity. :)

Norman Copeland said...

Perhaps the veils that the men want the women wearing has an effect like Seasonal affective disorder, dampening excess sexual desire and creating more room for thought? Saying that though I wonder what It would be like in space?

On an even smaller scale men/women immigrating to a different region of the planet?

As an Englishman I can vouch for the 'holiday/vacation' feeling.

Just like trainig to drink 6 pints of beer.