Monday, March 30, 2009

Follow Up: An Asteroid Story

Just consider these articles as a follow up addition (Appendix A & B) of my article on March 26th. The main difference is no one saw this coming. It started off as a possible meteorite, now it's a Russian Soyuz rocket re-entry. My argument, however, still remains steadfastly the same: We're no where near ready for anything of decent size heading toward this planet.


Jerry M. Weikle said...

Douglas, they have been talking all day on the local news about the possiblity it was a 'meteorite'. Especially, Wavy 10 News here in the Hampton Roads area.

From a fictional aspect:

It was Aliens that have established a base on the Moon, over on the Dark Side of the Moon. The aliens, have been monitoring humanities broadcast for several decades and have become concerned that they might be found living in one of the crators. Every once and a while, the reptilain aliens release some of their energy. This release of energy, on the Moon, has been seen by humans as a bright flash of light. Therefore, what the reptialian aliens haved done, is utilize one of their energy weapons and fired it at NASA Langley. Unfortunately, their mathematics is not decimal or metric, but based upon an old Summarian base 60 type of mathematics. Their computers were off with their target, because the need 1000 channels for the televisons. Maahahhah!

Okay, I didn't know what to write.

Jerry M. Weikle said...

I thought of something else to say...

Auuuh shuuucks, donn't youins know it was 'Swamp Gas'. You sees, out there in that dare Ocean along the coast line is a huge supply (scratches forehead while lifting hat) Methyl Hydrate. Did I say that right, Mr. New Man. Oh okie dokey.

The'res was a landslide in de ocean and it cause warm water from the Gulf Stream to down well....that dar means that the warm water went to the bottom of de Ocean. This here warm water caused the Methyl Hydrates to melt and they bubbled up to the surface of the Ocean.

Now, youins see here....when this bubbling gas rose up from the Ocean interacted with the Chlorine in some darn fashing causing a endothermic or was that an exothermic raction....

Well, what ever......the gas cloud went up over the coast line of North Carolinnny and God Bless Virginny and it ignited in the atmosphere. Wezzins going to be seeing more of this with Global Warming as the Methyl Hydrates melt out there in the Ocean.

Nows when it ignited....that means it caught on fire......people in Virginnny Beach saw the Greenish glow of the Chlorine buring in the atmosphere.....this was followed by the orangish and white glow......of the Sky fire that interacted with the Alumnium Dioxide that is in the Atmosphere from all the 'cloud seeding projects' out WEST.

And dust I dar says; it went BOOM!

Dast all there is was Nature and a Fire works Show.

(To render Mark Twainns traditional vocabulary of importance in writing of a writ.)

Its_Amazing said...

When we launch shuttle, our SRB's always land in the same area in the Atlantic and the ET rupture in the pacific for ISS inclinaton. This stuff is so consistent, most of the data is standardized. I would assume Soyuz has seen similar results for their debris impact points always falling in the same area. Their is no way a Soyuz debris could have an impact point over US land without first notifying and hell breaking loose.

This was something completely different. A meteor is more believable, but if fragments are ever found the "Soyuz" story is their as back up. Meteor, test flight gone funky, attack....whatever it was we probably will not know any time soon.

Douglas Mallette said...

I've never considered the nominal re-entry profile for a spent Soyuz booster. You're dead on about how we've got everything down like clockwork for our SRB landing points and ET burn up zones.

If the Soyuz usually does this, but higher and no one ever notices because it typically burns up over the ocean, then it's believeable. However, if the last 20 Soyuz re-entry profiles were all over Australia, then there is something fishy going on.

Unfortunately, that's not my neck of the woods.

Jerry M. Weikle said...

I follow up on some of the post from Live Science, and those sites do show the Soyuz boosters over Asia with the re-entry occuring there.

Honestly, I didn't see anything that night or hear anything and something happened. You know, Douglas, how things go sometimes with the news cast. Sometimes they will find someone on the street corner to provide an "eye wittness" account and one wonders where did this person come from.

Using a bit of "artistic liesensure" and "creative thought" to enliven the discussion--Aliens and Swamp Gas--usually calms things down a bit. It worked during project "Blue Book" in classical form.

Who knows, it probably was a meteorite that no one was aware of and it happen just at an unusual time. You know, yourself, there are fragments of asteroids, meteorites, and space junk in close orbits around the Earth. If we are too believe that a 'bolt' can be tracked that was lost on the ISS with the tracking system and then someting like a softball size rock is 'missed'...doesn't that imply that the technology need improvement and deploying an array of satelites to track some of these objects.

It should be oblivious, if our society is jumping to conclusions and not knowning---what the....would happen in a real event of a large meteorite impact on the planet in a populated industrial city. When the meteorite struck Peru, a year or so ago, it caused a stir of bewilderment to the local villages and towns.

Well, and my dog Blue are gittin in the truck and headin for da hills. Time to take a fishing trip along the trout streams up in dem dar hills of Appalachia. Ya'll come back now, youins hear. Well git some a fixings going on the gril and have a might supper.