Friday, February 27, 2009

What a Dirty Universe!

So apparently there is a LOT more dust out there that astronomers thought. I don't mean dust in galaxies, I mean dust everywhere! Between galaxies, in places they didn't think it was. Stupid dirty universe, messing up all our measurements and causing havoc. Geeze!

Now this can cause us to question whether or not our measurements are right, like the fact that there is a significant amount of space dust between galaxies means that the most distant objects we've been observing (Type 1a Supernovae) appear dimmer than we thought they would be when we thought intergalactic space was just plain empty. Or that our universal acceleration maybe isn't so rapid and crazy after all.

The more we find out these simple facts, like faster rotational speeds and more intergalactic dust than thought possible, the less we will have to rely on made up gunk, like Dark Energy and Matter to account for current discrepancies.

The better our measurements get, the less we have to make up. :)


+he WYZ^RD projec+ said...

I hate to say it, but I've been questioning the method of using light and the color spectrum to gauge distance from the moment I first heard about how they used it to come up with the Big Bang theory.

So it is possible they've been measuring space dust...well, ironically makes just as much sense as anything else I suppose.

What's next, are you going to tell me the Bible isn't really God's word? lol

Douglas Mallette said...

I will do everything possible to stay away from religious discussions in here. Those get WAY to heated and I don't have the desire for those debates on here. :)

Monsal Varga said...

:D Amen to that! :D