Monday, February 2, 2009

The Superbowl

Not everything I talk about will be space related. So, as a die hard football fan, but especially a Cowboys fan, I was vigorously engaged in the Superbowl last night. I was for Arizona, the underdog by many, but I gave them more credit than most.

I think they fought their butts of in that game, and at 20 to 7 with a quarter to go, I bet most people wrote the Cards off. I was reserved, but hopeful. The next thing you know, BAM BAM, the second of which was an awesome Fitzgerald catch and run. Up 23 to 20 with under 2 to go. Can't argue with that.

Then the Arizona defense forgets that all they had to do was hold the Steelers. And at one point it was 1st and 20 from what...the 12!? Arizona, through all their fighting, laid an egg at the end. I'm so pissed it's not funny. They fought back, had control, had momentum, and hosed it. I do think, however, the this was not a flash in the pan for Arizona, as many of their key players should return next year. We shall see, but I'm still not happy.

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