Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SpaceX, COTS D & Stimulus

This one is pretty obvious. Look, if you're going to spend a crap load of money under the guise of economic stimulus, then at least put money towards programs that will not only offer jobs, but also bolster the American private sector space initiative.

SpaceX is starting to become the poster child of the private space movement. NASA likes what they've done, so it only makes sense that they be the first, in what I feel to be a long line of great private American businesses, to receive direct support for their forward thinking and innovative business model for private space.

As stated by Elon Musk, "Since COTS Capability D is an existing option in an already competed contract, NASA could exercise it right away, resulting in immediate job creation. It is also worth noting that COTS D, like the COTS A-C funding, is a fixed price agreement and is only awarded as each milestone is achieved. If SpaceX is unable to pass the milestones, no taxpayer money is spent. "

Go here for the whole Press Release:

I cannot agree more! In one move you encourage the private space movement, relieve pressure on NASA to provide the service, entice entrepreneurs to pursue their goals, employ thousands of people, foster the imagination of children who see that it IS possible for private industry to get into the space business, and spawn further technological development.

Of course, a move like this requires people who actually give a damn about true economic salvation and not those we currently have, who are more interested in growing government in an emergency so that they can hold onto that new found power after the crisis is over. Common sense does not prevail here, and the will of the people is being thwarted and ignored.

Space is the new frontier for development, advancement, employment and the growth of our nation, and the best thing about space...there's a LOT of it to explore.


Monsal Varga said...

I think I understood your point.
But wouldn't that create a dangerous principle of private companies getting their "bail outs" even before they need them? I mean, how could anyone garantee that in the future no political-guided interests would choose which private company is helped/incentivated/nationalized with millions (if not billions?).
I can imagine that the freedom to act spontaneously (like SpaceX, Google, and so many others) could be severely damaged.

And - hey! - I'm from social Europe, don't get me wrong! :)

Douglas Mallette said...

This isn't exactly the same. The contract already exists. The suggestion is to just speed it up, and start the D part now. So it's not like a hand out at all, because SpaceX already won the contract and has proven themselves to this point.