Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feasting on Cycles

Consider today's post more of a thing to think about than an opinion on a news article, or something I've read recently. This is more like thinking out loud. :)

Cycles dominate our universe. We have weather cycles, tidal cycles, solar cycles, menstrual cycles, and unicycles (yes, those last two are important). I wonder if anyone has bothered to measure, or account for, our galactic cycle. If I remember correctly, our solar system bobs up and down from galactic center. I know we go around every some hundred odd million years from galactic center, but what is the sinusoidal frequency of our up and down from the galactic plane?

With the majority of the energy in our galaxy being thrown out in a planar direction from center, I bet crossing the center line could cause all kinds of interesting adjustments to our star, such as an increase in gamma ray bursts, x-rays, etc. How much would the galactic cycle affect our sun and its cycle? And would this more grand and energetic cycle affect our planet as well, or solar system as a whole?

Something to ponder the next time you think the sole reason for this trumped up global warming thing is vile human existence and technological advancement, because we are starting to cross that plane. Oh, I guess I did have a point after all. :)


Monsal Varga said...

Interesting thought.
In case such a cycle exists it would, however, take such a long to time to actually register and then verify any cause/effect relating to it; I mean, scientific method does need to confirm by testing and comparison, right? That would really be one of the most forward thinking attitudes: to start today an experiment that could only be confirmed in a couple of thousand years!

Gordon Robinson said...

We know about variations in global temperatures going back millions of years. We also have historic information on changes in our earth’s magnetic field, levels of oxygen in the atmosphere and the earth’s exposure to radiation. If it could be showed that these cycles are tied in with our up and down motion through the galactic plane then this would be interesting... I guess.

Eldon Tyrell said...

Whoa... Our solar system is oscillating across the plane of the galaxy... I would have never imagined... Truth is always stranger than fiction.