Monday, February 9, 2009

Economic Stimulus Package - The Space Case

I have no desire to go over every page and rant, because I probably could, but in the interest of staying topical to space news, I felt the urge to bring to your attention a little part of this package that has to do with space science.

Out of hundreds of pages, "Science" gets two. Two! Are you kidding me? Do these people not realize the long term economic benefits of the national space program? For every dollar spent, the return is about $3 to $5 to the economy. Also, spin off technologies spawn new companies, small businesses, and a better life for all Americans, if not the world.

With that said, the money they have allocated to space is ridiculous. In fact, it's political. Here's my example, directly from the document itself.

Subtitle C—Science



For an additional amount for ‘‘Science’’, $400,000,000, of which not less than $250,000,000 shall be solely for accelerating the development of the tier 1 set of Earth science climate research missions recommended by the National Academies Decadal Survey.

This is a direct result of the political dogma of Global Change. Notice how I didn't say scientific, but political. Just look at the text: $250,000,000 MUST be used for Earth science climate research. Global Warming (GW) is an UNPROVEN theory, yet it is constantly being shoved down our throat.

There is still significant debate among scientists about the true existence of GW, or if there is a global climate adjustment, what the real cause is. Politically though, it makes sense to push this fear tactic upon America, because without the support of the environmentalists, there are several key politicians that would not have received major donations to conduct their successful election campaigns. Not that I'm saying it's all payback or anything. ;)

You know what would be truly funny? If this $250,000,000 actually helped to disprove GW, or at least reduce its overbearing, almost Armageddon like aura. Yet something tells me that the "powers that be" wouldn't let that happen, especially since they control the purse strings of the very scientists doing the "research".


Monsal Varga said...

It really puzzles me how the USA people let the space dream fall down to the ground. Considering that even the Apollo program had a painfull, dragging end, I suppose I can say that since 1974 there is no sound and meaningful project touching the hearts and minds of the people (aside the tragedy of losing so many astronauts in two shuttle disasters).

Looking at it - as a foreigner - I cannot comprehend the full consequences of such a billion dollar plan.
But I guess you don't solve everything just by spraying money on it... What I mean is: US problems are far older and go far deeper than what politicians and analists state on CNN. Education is the key; and that includes science.

Douglas Mallette said...

Watch Fox News, you get the deeper story with them, and they bash both sides. lol.

I totally agree that the U.S. space program has lost its luster. One would think that one of the best ways to help America come out of this funk we're in, would be to use space exploration and development as the catalyst for recovery and future growth.

The problem is, when you have socialist minded people in charge, that the focus is more about how to solve everyones problems for them instead of rallying the nation and having them do it for themselves.