Monday, February 9, 2009

Ares I and NASA's Lack of Vision

This post will be relatively short, because I just want to vent.

Von Braun said that someone is crazy if put a crew on a solid fuel rocket. I completely agree. Once you light the candle, you're done. Just hold on. Oh, and if something goes wrong, it REALLY goes wrong.

Plus you have to deal with the vibrations and the fact that SRB's are just plain heavier and less efficient than liquids. Aarugh. I hate this design. Hate, hate, hate this design. Why the hell didn't we work with the private sector and develop a leaner, meaner shuttle over the past 10 years?

God, it's like we just sat on our a$$es and did NOTHING! Every time I think of this, I get pissed. Sorry.

This tirade brought to you by...
Former NASA Chief Says Ares I Rocket Two Times Safer
By Todd Halvorson


+he WYZ^RD projec+ said...

Sounds like they need a superior 3rd option.

Douglas Mallette said...

WYZ - I'm open to all opinions, because right now, the current path annoys me. Not that I have much pull...yet. :)

Monsal Varga said...

You go and vent, my friend! Vent away! :D

You know what? Don't worry. As time slips by and those days of depending on soyuz flights come closer and closer (and other nations like China and India start really rocking out there) I have this odd feeling that someone will cry"Alarm!" and things will be back on the right track. Even if it takes to join the private train ;)