Thursday, January 29, 2009

Voting on Hubble's Next Target

NASA has decided to let the public decide where to point Hubble next. You can go to the NASA website and select one of six options. Okay, so it's not exactly a free-for-all form of suggestions, because some schmuck might say, "Zoom in on the Martian face!" Hubble's a bit near sighted, and last I checked, couldn't focus on anything in our solar system very well to begin with.

So, I can see why they'd offer up some pre-selected options and have the public vote on that. However, I am severely disappointed in the options. Whoopie-fraggin-do! What they've selected is frankly...boring. How about this, focus on Alpha Centauri, our closest star? Talk about being able to get some great resolution shots. Plus, being so relatively close, maybe a planet or two would pop up, or asteroids.

We always focus on objects that are so far away that we'll never reach them in our lifetime, or even a few generations down the line. But AC, Alpha and I are tight like that, AC could be reached if we dedicate some serious thrust into making better thrust. At least it's more reachable, 4.3 ly, than something several hundred million lightyears away.

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