Thursday, January 29, 2009

Schools Dropping Cursive Writing?

This was apparently a topic on Fox and Friends this morning, which was brought to my attention by a Facebook friend of mine. Here are my thoughts.

Cursive gone? Bye bye. Who cares? Look, writing styles evolve. We no longer write in Old English, with big fancy letters that take 30 minutes to make. Before taking my GRE this past December, I had not written in cursive in over 10 years. Last I checked, Sanskrit and Hieroglyphics aren't exactly used anymore either.

Writing evolves as man does. Now it's about electronic media and typing. Hand writing is seldom done, and if it is, writing in print is perfectly legible. So, should cursive be removed from being taught? Sure, and replace it with lessons on how to properly manage your money in the real world, because right now, that's WAY more important than fancy writing.


James Rogers said...

Beyond my signature and the occasional character in an equation, I haven't touched the stuff in 15 years. I always hated cursive.

James Rogers said...

Bring on the higher math!