Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Power of the PS3

First, I'll credit the source...

Playstation 3 Consoles Tackle Black Hole Vibrations

By Tariq Malik
Senior Editor
posted: 28 January 2009
9:00 am ET

This article is very interesting, not because of the scientific simulation, because I'm not very interested in simulations of things we cannot gather real data on to prove. Simulations follow the GIGO principle to me. We have yet to record gravity waves, but it seems to be the mantra that we conduct all experiments and simulations based on this theory.

What IS fascinating about this article is the method by which they ran the simulation. A PS3 cluster. That's a great idea! Look at the money they'll save once they start running more simulations on that system. It'll basically pay for itself after just the 2nd run.

Necessity is the mother of invention. In today's economic climate, it will be interesting to see how people "invent" ways to get the jobs done, especially in the scientific community. A fellow member of the forum made an astute observation, "I can see this leading to a situation where scientific laypeople like myself can lend their PS3, via the internet, to generate new knowledge. I'm game."

If that is possible, imagine 5,000 people "loaning" their PS3's to perform scientific calculations. Sweet.

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