Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NASA and the Obama Administration

I am very curious to see what direction NASA will take with the new Obama Administration. It is obvious that America is in an awful situation. However, I DO NOT think we're even close to the Great Depression. America is far too diverse and advanced to fall into the pit that the Great Depression caused.

Although, I'm not very happy about the direction our government is going with respect to bailouts and basically printing money. We're damn near becoming a Star Trek society, not out of a humanitarian effort to abolish money and support each other as humans, but because the value of the dollar is going to become such that it's basically worthless. But that's a different topic.

NASA's job, as I see it, is to be the Lewis and Clark of space exploration. Government does the crazy, radical exploration & development by cutting down the wild brush and the private sector (SpaceX, Bigelow, Armadillo, etc) come afterwards and trample down the path for all of us to walk on. With this in mind adequate funding should be provided to advance technology, and I don't mean the ass backwards Orion Project, where we've reverted to a capsule from a shuttle, but enabling NASA to go to the moon not for a PR stunt, but to go there with the intent of building a large infrastructure for permanent settlement. Apollo revisited is NOT the right path.

It is also time for our government to support the private space industry as it has never done before. Tax incentives for the technological advancements and research they provide, which also include the hiring of people to accomplish those tasks. Job building. These technologies can also be used for Earth bound applications such as environmental, energy, etc.

Although I don't believe this to be the Great Depression, one parallel can be drawn. From the Great Depression we emerged as an industrial and automotive powerhouse, using those industries to refortify our nation. From today's crisis we should emerge as a technological and space faring powerhouse, using private space exploration and development to refortify our nation. The next evolution of man will be brought forth by the ingenuity, imagination and constructive capability of the United States of America...as it should be.